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FDIC OIG: The FDIC’s Internal Risk Management Program, November

It seems that every industry or government agency wants DR and BC to be done a little bit differently. Throw in a standard or two, and the plot really gets complicated. If your company touches multiple industries or agencies, how can you be in compliance? We will look at BC and DR requirements and see if we can serve up components that can help your program be palatable and in compliance with multiple menus.

Start participating now by helping out the beforehand. Send Bobby Williams a message detailing the standards, regulations, or guidelines with which you must comply.

Enterprise Risk Management - Introduction Training (2008)

You can find Bobby on LinkedIn here or email your message to brojas drii. Attend this session for a firsthand Hurricane Harvey case study! Hard hit by Hurricane Harvey in the region served by Amegy, Zions committed to helping both customers and the greater Houston community. While Amegy was open for business throughout the storm with mobile, online, and telephonic banking access, some branches did close temporarily.

Hear about the actions the Zions team took to ensure the safety of its employees and help ease the financial needs of its employees, customers, and the community.

Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management & Mason GovCon

Strengthening a foundation through commitment, collaboration, and communication has brought the team to the forefront of the organization at times of utility disruptions and emergency incidents. Grab a tip or two, or three, from this session to enhance any program. Tags: Cybersecurity, Resilient Enterprise. Information security is, without a doubt, on the minds of every executive! Identifying and reducing risks, and responding to any information security incident, is a top priority that pulls resources from all areas together. Whether your role involves business continuity or disaster recovery or crisis communications, our responsibilities are converging with our information security counterparts about these challenges.

Join industry expert Cheryl Carmel CISSP as she defines the coordination and collaboration between information security professionals and business continuity professionals that must be present for comprehensive risk mitigation and incident response plans within the information security program. As a BC practitioner, to effectively prepare your organization to respond to emergencies and recover from adverse events, you must cross boundaries and build relationships with staff, team leads, department heads, and subject matter experts from the various lines of business.

While nurturing these relationships, have you ever considered leveraging your exposure to the wider enterprise as an opportunity to create even more value for the organization? As you engage associates from across the enterprise, listen to their challenges and ask yourself…Are there other measures that the BC program can pursue to make the organization more resilient?

Are there other potential adversities that the BC program is well-suited to proactively manage and help the business avoid? We will present the real-world use cases below, along with practical templates for you to use, where you can apply your knowledge and skills to increase the resiliency of the organization beyond usual BC practices, thus creating more value with the BC program: Data Management — BC practitioners document business functions, their related application systems, and conduct BIAs.

Take this a step further to define and classify the data into security classes that helps identify what can be retained or destroyed. Vendor Management — BC activities usually include the tracking of key vendors that contribute significantly to the business.

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Extend that activity to identify the top vendors and determine for which of those vendors to execute a more detailed assessment, audit, and review. Only if your BCP goals are just that. Those are certainly important objectives. This workshop will build on previous topics from the same presenter and take things further into the practical realm of disaster exercises.

Come and participate in this workshop as we look at and talk about the benefits of robust disaster exercises; quickly review definitions and disaster scenario creation process previous topics ; exercise ingredients, methods, and script techniques; potential outcomes.

A Systemwide Problem

The presenter brings deep experience with both actual disaster situations and reality-based disaster exercises, which will add a real-life perspective to our discussions. Tags: Disaster Scenarios, Process, Exercises. When six inches of rain got dumped on Ellicott City, MD, in under two hours, something perhaps even more rare than the resulting 1,year flood happened — a partnership between county emergency management and economic development officials rose to the top and really worked!

Everyone talks about public private partnerships. Ryan Miller, Director of Emergency Management for Howard County, MD, and Lary Twele, CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority will give an overview of the plans in place before the flood, including how they incorporated economic development into the emergency operations plan and the community disaster recovery plan. Where the origin may have been systems and technology, an industry evolution was necessary. Where previous conversations would have been focused on tape recovery and disk storage, the 3Ps partnership, process, and persistence brought about a rebirth that has led to significant understanding in the shared roles of the business, IT and vendors in supporting critical processes, across geographies language and geo political challenges not withstanding.

Unusual circumstances, a refresh of what we think we know, time keeps on ticking…what is old, becomes new. Educating business managers on the business value of business continuity management BCM is a challenge for many organizations. This lack of understanding of how availability risk links to business performance is a leading cause of BCM programs having a great, exciting start, but ending in their long-term demise. In this session, we will discuss the following key issues: What do boards and line-of-business executives want from continuity of operations programs?

How do the risk-based disciplines impact corporate performance? Streamlining business continuity management as an integral part of the emergency management framework, the Organizational Resilience Management System ORMS comprises crisis management, ICT disaster recovery, security, medical, staff support, crisis communications, records, facilities management and BCM. The ORMS provides a framework for cooperation across institutional silos and between the various actors responsible for the key components.

This three-hour, hands-on workshop is a practical exercise design course during which you will be actively engaged. If you want to learn how to build or better! Exercising can mean the difference between surviving a crisis and not. We practice to ensure all participants understand their roles and responsibilities during crisis.

An exercise is NOT a test, but rather to practice skills learned through training. Equally as important, is to set your exercise up right from the beginning. Designing an exercise takes time, patience, and support.

Future of Quality: Risk™

An exercise should produce measurable, useful, timely and relevant results. Designing exercises is not a one size fits all, however many of the foundations are the same. This course will take you through the steps to design a creative, effective and fun exercise. Supplementary Active Shooter Exercise Example.

Discover how your job will be impacted by world events — including supply chain disruption, extreme weather events, data protection, and more — and what you can do about them. With the pace of change rapidly increasing, accurate predictions are ever more difficult to make solely based upon extrapolation of past events.

In this report, we have tried to make reasonable predictions given our current knowledge, and the DRI Future Vision Committee has limited its predictions to those issues most likely to impact resilience professionals. Organizations are becoming more proactive in assessing their programs and doing so in a more robust manner. This not only leads to them being more resilient but also reduces the effort associated with simply preparing for an audit.

This webinar will examine how organizations are addressing regulatory compliance, which regulations they face, and how a pre-assessment program will help them be more resilient and improve their compliance. It provides a summary of key trends that emerged over the course of the year as well as insight into the current state of the profession. The DRI International Board of Directors has released the first of its position papers on the major issues affecting resilience professionals today.

This statement covers active shooter scenarios, terrorism, and other acts of workplace violence. She also guides viewers through implementing the practices within their organization. Tags: Professional Practices, Spanish Language. Based on the results of over 1, respondents to a survey conducted by the Women in Business Continuity Management Committee, this white paper examines the experiences of women in the BCM field, as well as professional expectations and challenges as the profession moves into the future.

This white paper is designed as a tool for integrating organizational approaches to business continuity management and disaster risk reduction, a roadmap for implementing the Sendai framework into their existing resilience program. This webinar presentation tackles the much-requested subject of cybersecurity and the Internet of Things IoT! We all know that the risk is real — everyday objects are increasingly able to send and receive data.

Hear from both cybersecurity and business continuity executives as they discuss IoT from a corporate perspective and share their perspectives on this timely and compelling topic. With decades of experience to speak from, Den-Brok — who is a Supervisory Special Agent in the Crisis Management Unit — brings his experiences and actual case studies — including Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and Sandy Hook — to the resilience profession in this compelling webinar.


On April 14, , a strong earthquake occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. In Kumamoto Prefecture, many buildings, including hospitals, collapsed and utilities were disrupted by the main shock and aftershocks. DRI Japan worked with Osaka University researchers to send a questionnaire about the actual conditions for information collection and sharing at the time of Kumamoto earthquake to the top information managers of the four major hospitals in Kumamoto city.

The results are detailed in this research paper. Tags: Earthquakes, Asia. Tags: Healthcare. Dickenson Y. Tags: Asia. Rachel A. Quero presents on enhancing private sector support to government's disaster risk reduction and management through strategic human management initiatives. Tags: Public-Private Partnership, Asia.

Renato Solidum, Jr. Joe Sarte Salceda, 2nd District, Province of Albay, discusses initiatives to promote zero casualties during disasters. With the advent of globalization, outsourcing, enhanced connectivity, and higher reliance on suppliers, supply chain disruptions have become more prevalent in the recent years. In this webinar, we will explore conceptual and practical developments on supply chain risk, supply chain resilience, and the application of business continuity beyond organizational boundaries.

This webinar was sponsored by Metric Stream.